Onova is a fund created for the restoration of Ukrainian cities

Our goal is to help restore the infrastructure of Ukrainian cities and villages, which was destroyed as a result of russian aggression.

We believe that Ukraine needs modern architectural projects more than ever, which would bring the quality of life of Ukrainians to a fundamentally new level.

How do we work?

  1. Object

    We select an object
  2. Studio

    We choose a European architecture studio that develops a new project for him
  3. Campaign

    We help launch a fundraising campaign for the construction of the project
  4. Partners

    We are looking for partners who help with funds or materials for recovery
  5. Supervision

    We participate in architectural supervision during construction

Our values

  • Absolute transparency in reporting
  • Zero tolerance for corruption
  • Implementation of the project in life, not on paper
  • Cooperation with the world's leading studios and architects

Categories - what we help to restore

  1. Children
  2. Education
  3. Hospitals
  4. Sport
  5. Culture


Onova Children (Kindergartens) - places of primary education and external socialization of children. A comfortable learning space will help children learn about the world with curiosity.


Onova Education (Schools and educational institutions) - educational environments for children, where personality is formed and future professional orientation is determined. Diversification of learning spaces will stimulate children to spend time not only in lessons, but also in extracurricular activities and hobbies.


Onova Hospitals (Hospitals) - medical institutions that care about the health and life of people, must be adapted to specialized needs, have modern equipment and be accessible to people.


Onova Sport (Sports facilities) - provision of modern sports locations of various directions will affect the popularity of sports among young people and adults, as well as provide an opportunity for holding international competitions.


Onova Culture (Cultural objects) - the development of cultural centers will contribute to the formation of a new Ukrainian cultural product, characteristic of each region, and will also provide a platform for its presentation.

Types of work

  • Reconstruction of destroyed objects
  • Restoration of architectural monuments
  • Restoration of objects after complete destruction
  • Development of spatial and functional programs
  • Work with landscape and urban design


Volodymyr Sobolev

Founder of Onova. Director of the fund. Involvement of partners, cooperation with the state, communities and businesses.

Kateryna Kovalchuk

Founder of Onova. Program director. Interaction with architectural studios, international partnerships, cultural management.

Nikita Bielokopytov

Founder of Onova. Chief architect. Architectural supervision and support. Technological processes of restoration. New projects and initiatives.

Architectural partners

MVRDV Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the studio operates worldwide, offering solutions to contemporary architectural and urban challenges.

The portfolio of the studio includes 389 completed projects, including the famous DEPOT BOIJMANS VAN BEUNINGEN, WERK12, BALTYK, CONCORDIA DESIGN WROCŁAW and many others.

Orange Architects is a multidisciplinary and internationally operating design firm for architecture, urban design, interiors and outdoor space, headed by Patrick Meijers and Jeroen Schipper.

LOLA Landscape Architects researches and designs spatial transitions of existing cultural landscapes. With thoughtful ideas and targeted interventions, LOLA (LOst LAndscapes) wants to optimize those landscapes in beautiful, healthy and sustainable places.

Recovery partners

Angry is a creative agency that invents, designs and implements creative campaigns. We help companies, public offices, and social organizations interact with people.

Kovalska is a Ukrainian manufacturer of building materials and a developer. Their products are represented by a number of brands, including ”Бетон від Ковальска”, paving slabs ”Авеню” and construction mixes “Siltek”

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy or MinCult is the main state authority in the system of central government of Ukraine responsible for country's cultural development and history preservation.